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Choosing the Ideal Photos for Your Pet Portrait: A Quick Guide

Updated: January 30, 2024

So, you're considering booking a custom pet portrait, but you're uncertain about the best photos to use? Look no further – let's dive into what makes the perfect reference photos for a stunning pet portrait.

The Power of a Good Reference Photo

The reference photo serves as the backbone of any pet portrait, and choosing the right one is crucial. While I'd love to work with every photo sent my way, there are some key guidelines to follow to ensure your pet portrait turns out as detailed and lifelike as possible.

What Constitutes a Great Reference Photo?

You don't need a fancy camera to capture an ideal reference photo. Even a smartphone with a decent camera can do the trick if you pay attention to these simple tips:

Embrace Natural Lighting: Opt for photos taken in natural light to showcase your pet's fur in its true colors.

Zoom In for Detail: When zooming in on the photo, aim to capture individual hairs. The closer, the better.

Eye Level Perspective: Take the photo at your pet's eye level to maintain a natural and authentic perspective.

Identifying Not-So-Great Reference Photos

Unfortunately, not all photos are created equal when it comes to pet portraits. Here are some characteristics that make a photo less than ideal:

Low Lighting: Photos taken in low light can compromise the details needed for a lifelike portrait.

Distance Matters: Steer clear of photos taken from too far away; proximity helps capture intricate details.

Motion Blur: Avoid photos with excessive motion, as this can make it challenging to reproduce details accurately.

Say No to Filters: Keep reference photos free of color-altering filters to preserve the true fur color.

A Note for Special Circumstances

I understand that circumstances vary, and sometimes you might only have a few photos of a beloved pet. In such cases, I'll do my best to work with what you have, recognizing the emotional weight of losing a pet.

Need Assistance? Reach Out!

If you're unsure about your photos or have any questions, feel free to get in touch. I'm here to discuss the best options with you. Let's create a timeless and heartfelt portrait of your furry friend together.

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