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I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, USA and loved to be surrounded by nature, wildlife and my pets.  The same holds true today however I now live in Portugal with my husband, Kevin and our fur-baby Sage.

As you can see, my artwork is quite varied in subject matter and medium.  That's because I just basically love to create.  I began my artistic career working as a commercial artist for a local building magazine and working part-time as a sign painter.  This held my attention for several years until I opened an art gallery in Panama, NY in 1990.  This led us to the creation of Paramount Press, Inc. which publishes various artists focusing on historial art.

My preferred mediums include watercolor, charcoal, colored pencils and graphite.  I paint because it brings me joy and I consider it a privilege to bring joy to others through my artwork.                 


I am available for commissions.

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I'm Lori. 
welcome to my website.
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